The mission of Personal Energy Transportation (PET) International is:

“To reflect the love of God by bringing mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who have lost the ability to walk.”

We accomplish this through a network of interdependent affiliate manufacturing shops throughout the United States.  At these locations the three wheeled self propelled PET carts are funded through donors on the local level and built by volunteers.  Our intent is that the PET carts be provided to the physically disabled in developing countries at no cost to them.

The units are donated to partnering field organizations or individuals who handle the importation costs, assessment of beneficiaries, and the distribution of the carts to the disabled.  There is no expense to the distribution partner for the carts themselves, they are gladly donated.  Following the distribution, the partner is asked to supply a report with photographs regarding the outcomes of the project.

See the current list of PET distribution partners.

If you feel that distributing the PET cart might fit into your organization’s field programs, please consider becoming a distribution partner with PET International.  Filling out and returning the two page partnership application is the first step. Please find a link to the form below.

Partnership form pdf link

See an example distribution report (PDF)