Staff, Trustees and Advisors

EdMcDonaldPhotoEd McDonald, Executive Director

Ed started his career developing computer chipsets, eventually progressing into developing system architecture for both NCR’s and Intel’s multiprocessor servers, and most recently owned a small business before accepting this position–expecting it to be the most meaningful work in his career. On moving to Columbia, MO, Ed first became aware of PET in the late 1990′s when Mel West shared the PET story and the difference the PET made in people’s lives. The past few years Ed has worked in a supportive role for the Board on the Long Range Planning Committee, as a Board member, and as a Board Advisor.

Von Driggs, Director of Operations

Von’s background in serving the disabled began in 1994 when he joined Mercy Ships. Serving in a number of African countries he became aware of the needs of the physically disabled. In 2007 Von began serving in an advisory capacity with the PET International Board of Trustees. In 2008 the Board of Trustees asked him to work with PET in a full time capacity.

Rob Fleming, Volunteer General Counsel

Mel West asked Rob in the spring of 2004 whether he “knew anything about setting up a not for profit organization”. Rob initially acted as one of the three incorporators of PET International. His legal career has been very rewarding and interesting, but Rob says the greatest thing besides family to happen in his life to date has been his involvement in PET. All because in answer to Mel’s question, he said, “as a matter of fact, I do…..”.

Kathy Maynard,  Treasurer

Kathy Maynard is self-employed as a Business Administrator and homemaker, with past employment in various accounting positions and insurance underwriting. In addition to serving as Treasurer, Kathy edits the PET International newsletters and web site. At PET MO-Columbia, the largest PET Affiliate, Kathy handles business administration, editorial and other functions as well.

Suzanne Pautler, Recording Secretary

Over the past last thirty years, Suzanne has volunteered in numerous not-for-profit organizations in leadership and administrative roles. For twenty three years, she was an integral part of scouting programs and was awarded outstanding leadership awards with both the Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs. She has been a teacher in public schools for a total of fourteen years and has held the position of service-learning coordinator. Suzanne has a passion for working with people, particularly children, and also to serve in areas of communication and administration.


Jim Wrinkle, Chair, Executive Director PET MO-Southwest, financial planner, beef farmer
Jim Conn, Vice-Chair, Executive Director PET MN-Twin Cities
David Battles, Executive Vice President Oklahoma United Methodist Foundation
Kirby Goering, Executive Director PET KS-Moundridge
Roger Hofmeister, M.D., Chair Medical Advisory Committee
Charles Sauer, computer scientist
Mel Toellner, distribution executive
Ray Truhn, tool and manufacturing engineer (retired)

Advisory Council:

Steve Baima, retired Executive Director PET International
Barbara Chase
Walt Hays, retired pastor
Larry Hills, retired missionary, PET co-founder, PET Affiliate Development Coordinator
Steve Perry, UK businessman
Mark Richard, Director of Operations Hope Haven International Ministries
Mel West, retired pastor, PET co-founder, Director Emeritus PET-MO Columbia